Sunday, July 29, 2007

carrot cake cupcakes.

These are not very pretty, but they taste(d) good! (There's only one left.) Vegan carrot cake, baked into cupcakes with a basic margarine-icing sugar-vanilla icing. The margarine is unfortunately not vegan. I used spelt flour instead of all purpose, since I didn't have any all purpose flour, and they did not rise especially well. No matter, it makes a nice flat surface for the icing!



I should consider taking a cake decorating course - my icing sucks. I tried to get fancy and make curly cues using the spreader, but that obviously didn't work. Ha! Perhaps I didn't use enough icing... I had to ration it since I made a smallish batch of icing. Other cupcakes that I've ogled online have a huge pile of artfully swirled icing. But man! That's sooooooo much sugar. But it looks so nice.

My cupcakes are for eatin', not for lookin' pretty.
knitting progress.

The ribs and lace tank is coming along, slowly but steadily. I find it hard on my hands to knit more than two rows at one time: small needles + cotton yarn = RSI. (yeah, I'm making excuses, so what?)

Friday, July 20, 2007

the awesomest cupcakes EVER!

From VeganYumYum, Knit Night Cupcakes.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

knitting update.

I haven't been working on the ribs & lace tank very much, but I've made *some* progress over the past month. It might be ready by fall...

This is the last post for today. I've been making up for lost time!
sha-na-na-na, ba-na-na.

Yummy delicious banana bread and muffins. This is Pam's recipe, and we've been making at work with mixed results. Either the oven temperature is not right or there's too much liquid, but whatever the reason it's been sticking to the pan and falling apart or sinking in the middle. I tried it at home and it turned out perfectly. Then I made it at work using the full recipe for the bundt (no muffins) and it popped out of the bundt pan like nuthin'. I did a little dance in the kitchen because I was so happy. No lie!

It really tastes good, even after being frozen and defrosted. It seems like a lot of sugar (2 cups for the bundt, 1 cup if you make a 9x5 loaf) but doesn't taste sugary or overly sweet. Just sweet and delicious. I had a small piece today and had to go back for seconds!
camping poker.

I'm not a poker player, in fact I don't play cards at all (especially not Canasta ahem), but I've watched World Poker Tour on TV and liked it. While we were camping I had a quick lesson and lo and behold! I won the pot. (it paid for our campsite) Beginner's luck, baby.

The winning hand

The booty

camping food. edited

This is a yummy chili dog that I made while camping at Grundy Lake earlier this month. Vegetarian chili (thanks Michael!), veggie hot dog, grated cheese, and chopped onions and peppers on a poppy seed bun.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

coming soon.

Updates coming tomorrow! And photos.