Wednesday, July 01, 2009

afghan swap - extended group

A bunch of us from the afghan swap on Ravelry decided to keep on knitting squares and make bigger afghans. We each knit 8 more squares, 7 to swap and one to keep for ourselves. Here are the squares that I knit for the others:

Square 1 for Naeby:

Square 2 for Bohoknitterchic:

Square 3 for Fibernymph (I'm so proud of this one!):

Square 4 for Doe:

Square 5 for Teejayhansen (another one that I'm very proud of):

Square 6 for Sukye:

Square 7 for Mullub (Space Invaders!!!!):

And the last one, for me, you've seen before:
That was a lot of really fun knitting!!! It was great to knit so many different patterns and styles and colours. I want to knit some other afghans for gifts, but I'm hesitating because there will be a colour theme (same colours? yawn) and some sort of cohesive pattern.

Next up, the squares that I received! :)