Wednesday, July 30, 2008

an update, at long last

Sorry for the MIA-ness! A lot has been going on this month - I finished at the mothership at the end of June, then T-man and I took a little vacation road trip (including LYS stop!), my mom had surgery so I have been going back and forth to her house to help her out, I've been going to as many bellydance classes as possible because I bought an unlimited pass at the studio and want to get my money's worth, the troupe had a big performance last Sunday, I joined an afghan square swap on Ravelry (my first swap) and have been cranking out 12x12 inch squares, but not much other knitting.

I have not even had time to think about a new job or new career or even miss working! The house is a mess and we've been eating a lot of quick and easy foods (not crap, but not so great either). The cats miss me but my parents' dogs now love me since I take them for walks.

There are a few posts lined up.... stay tuned!