Saturday, June 25, 2016


A beautiful, quiet Saturday morning.

Love it.

I have a bunch of things I want to get done today, probably more than is possible for me to do today, but it doesn't bother me. Just soaking in the lovely stillness.

Have a great day world!

Photo taken by me Sept 2015 at Point No Point Resort on Vancouver Island.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hello stranger

Hi blog!

Yesterday I attended an amazing course on concussion management taught by Shannon McGuire (Concussion Rehab Works). There was so much good information that I hope to use with my clients! T and I had a road trip to Kitchener-Waterloo for the course, and on the way back we stopped at Home Depot to get some plants for the garden. They didn't have as many veggies as I'd hoped, but we got some herbs and flowers. A trip to Fiesta Farms is in order!

Today I've been doing laundry and slowly cleaning up the kitchen, and procrastinating on doing the work I brought home this weekend. :( I even worked out! Still have not unpacked from Victoria though...

Photo taken at Butchart Gardens in the centre of the Rose Garden (which wasn't fully in bloom yet).