Monday, November 02, 2009

finishing up the afghan swap

I never posted the pics of the afghan squares that I received from the extended swap group. Here they are! (in no particular order)

"Diamond among the jewels" from Teejayhansen:

Stripes and buttons by Mullub:

Hearts by Bohoknitterchic:

Pink variegated from Naeby:

From Doe (the colours are wrong in the pic - it's actually blue ruffles on a purple garter background):

Mitered square by Fibernymph:
Vines by Sukye:

I love them all!!!! And am now going to start sewing them together. They've only been sitting in a bag for 4 months... actually that's not all that long... maybe they need to marinate a bit longer! LOL!

i haz a sick.

Hello blog, how are you? It's been a while but I'll just pretend it hasn't, and not attempt to fill in details for the past three (?!) months.

I am sick and stayed home from school today. It started as a fever and bad headache on Saturday, and my chest felt heavy but I wasn't coughing. The fever left on Sunday but I gained a cough and a sort throat. And today I have normal cold symptoms: runny nose, mild cough. At least it's not the flu or the dreaded H1N1, but I was half hoping that I would get it, fight it off, and then continue through flu season with the confidence that I had the antibodies. Alas. My immune system has been sucky poo this year and I've had several colds. :(((( I don't like it one bit. Damn you, germs!

Benylin is my friend. Actually, oil of oregano is my magic potion, but I ran out, and the health food store is sooooooo faaaaaaar awaaaaaaaay.