Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have just discovered Monique's blog at Moonrox - go check it out!

Her jewellery is fabulous, and I like reading about her adventures around TO. (I used to live near the UFO and passed by it all the time, but had never been inside! Who knew it was a diner??)

back on the wagon

I had a great bellydance practice day! This month has been filled with performances, which is awesome, but I've been itching to work on other areas of the dance and not just rehearsing choreography. Well... to be honest, I didn't even rehearse all that much... and it probably showed! LOL!

This morning I did the NYC Ballet Workout 1 on You Tube. I think I like the first workout better than the second one. Posture is my current big concern, and I hope that doing the ballet workout regularly will improve it. In the evening I had a 2-hour practice session: I worked on zylls, drills, choreography, and some free dance improv to non-bellydance music just for fun. And I stretched. I definitely need to keep up with stretching - when I was working out regularly, I was stretching regularly too and had a lot more flexibility.

I'm so proud of myself!