Saturday, May 30, 2009

hello? hello?

Well I guess I'm still on my blog hiatus! LOL.

It's been very busy in the Lanicraft world. I just finished up my applications to go back to university (eek! keep your fingers crossed for me), I've been working, I joined a tribal bellydance troupe, T-man and I started a community garden plot, and I've been trying to get some rest! I need more energy!

Tonight I have my very first paying bellydance engagement!!! There are four of us dancing at a pre-wedding party, and my teacher is singing with the band and doing a wedding procession type of thing. I'm very excited and nervous, as it will be my first time dancing for a Middle Eastern audience, and we're dancing to Om Kalthoum... to a live band. It's outdoors, under a tent, and I am very glad that it's a beautiful day today. There is a chance of thunderstorms this evening, but let's hope that they hold off until after we dance.

And here's a fun photo from my solo debut in April, so that you have something to look at besides text:

Thursday, May 07, 2009

blog hiatus

I took a little break from blogging in April... I didn't mean for the hiatus to be quite this long, but I've been trying to spend less time online and more time doing things in real life. (so far those "things" have mostly involved napping on the couch with a cat curled up with me!) I hope to get back into it and posting regularly! Stay tuned!!