Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i heart yoga.

I've just finished up my 2-week unlimited pass at the yoga & pilates studio near my house, and I'm very sad. It was so nice to go to as many classes as I had time for! I wish I could have tried more, but two classes in one day is too much. Plus T-man would miss me. :) J. and I met up for a pilates class last week and went out for a drink afterward - now that's motivation! It was fun. Next time I'm buying.

After my first yoga class there, I was so blissed out. Aaaah. I found the class challenging, but not so hard that it was discouraging. In subsequent classes, I've had a hard time not falling asleep in savasana... I did fall asleep in one class, for just a second. So embarrassing! I'm developing a method to catch myself before before slipping into dreamland.

Speaking of falling asleep, it's time for bed...

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