Sunday, July 17, 2016

A productive Sunday

Instead of making a To Do List, in which most things will remain un-done at the end of the day, mocking my dreams of being a productive and useful human being, today I am going to make a list of the things that I DID, that are already DONE, so that I can look over the list and feel (a tiny bit) proud of how I spent the day:

  • watered the plants on the deck
  • did two loads of laundry, hung things on the clothesline
  • put away laundry from earlier in the week
  • ran the dishwasher. emptied the dishwasher.
  • vacuumed the living room, bedroom, and stairs (one more set of stairs to be done)
  • downloaded the Nike+ Training app and did a workout
  • scooped the cat litter downstairs
  • put out fresh puppy pads 
  • signed up for bellydance classes 
  • made chick pea salad 
  • changed the bedsheets
  • made barley 
  • some Work work
  • another load of laundry
  • meditated
Things yet to be done, but kinda have to get done today:
  • some Work work
  • another load of laundry
  • make chick pea salad
  • make rice
  • make something for dinner and lunch tomorrow?
  • change the bedsheets
  • organize work clothes for next week
  • meditate (I signed up for Oprah & Deepak's latest meditation experience and am a few days behind already oops)

Oh look at that, my still-to-do is almost as long as my done list. So much for boosting my self-esteem!

EDIT: ok, in the four hours after posting this, I got a few more things knocked off the list. A rather productive day overall.

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